Being Authentically You in Business – What Does That Even Mean?

Leoni Bolt
Being your authentic self – what does that even mean?
You have many different sides to your personality – multi faceted like a diamond. Who you are with your friends on a night out is a different person to who you are at a family dinner, it’s still the authentic you, just a slightly different version.
When we are trying to attract our ideal clients we need to understand who they are and the version of you they will relate to. If you’re offering a high end experience you will want to dress appropriately and act appropriately. If you swear like a trooper you probably won’t attract anyone that’s offended by your language. You need to ask yourself do I want to attract or repel these types of people.
Is it important that you show your audience that you are a religious person, a family person or that you get to travel to lots of exotic locations? What will YOUR ideal clients resonate with?
Be yourself – just the shiny, successful version of you. If you constantly complain on social media that life is hard and business is hard, customers will keep their distance not wanting to take on your issues. Instead if you share how you were vulnerable but you stayed positive and overcame your problem, or perhaps you are still working through it – your audience will be attracted to your positivity because they feel like they know you, they like you and they can trust you.
You need to own your story – don’t hide behind it. Do you have a tragic circumstance, a recurring theme or an A-ha moment that was pivotal in you becoming the person you are today. It is a part of your journey. Share your story and watch your ideal client empathise with you and be attracted to what you have to offer.
You don’t need to pretend to be someone you’re not when you show up as an entrepreneur. Although you may need to project your mindset into the super successful person you see yourself becoming – not for your audiences sake but for your own!
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