What I learnt from a 7 year old.

The other day I held a workshop in my studio and a lot of things that kept coming up were the blocks we put on ourselves.

A lot of times we think

‘I can’t do this until….’

‘When I achieve this, then…’

‘I can’t charge that because…’

We make excuses up for ourselves about why we haven’t achieved the greatness we want for ourselves.

Maybe you haven’t got a website yet, or you feel like you need a piece of software or equipment.

One of the things that came up while we were chatting was why I had been putting off running my networking events in my studio. It’s the perfect space and yet I felt like I didn’t have enough chairs or a big enough screen. Then I realised Ikea has chairs for $7. That’s what was holding me back – $7 can you believe it!? Crazy hey!

So I’m doing it! I’m not letting my stupid blocks get in the way anymore!

I recently realised that I was over complicating things with sales funnels and systems and putting on the ‘when i have this then’ hat. I’ve since realised you can strip it right back and simplify everything and still deliver a quality, high end product!

Ever heard the saying ‘KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid!’

You all know I love my systems and automations, but sometimes it can be a juggle between where you are right now and where you want to be, and you’ve just got to get creative and figure out the how.

Which brings me back to what I learnt from a 7 year old. That 7 year old being my daughter. Last week my kids had under 8’s day at school, which is where they have a bunch of activities to try and complete by the end of the day.

My daughter, Skylar was making a magic carpet in the India pavilion and the teacher was having conniptions because she wasn’t following the rules. They had some beautifully patterned craft paper that they were supposed to cut pieces out of to decorate a brown piece of paper which they had attached tassels to the ends to make the carpet. Skylar didn’t like the brown paper so she created a carpet twice the size out of the other paper and then cut the brown paper with the tassels in half and attached it to each end. I had to laugh because she is super creative like her mumma and you can’t put her creativity in a box which is something I love about her and will continue to nurture.

So the lesson for today is…

You don’t need to be put in a box. You don’t need to do what everyone else is doing.

Get creative and do it your way!

Because your greatness is only inhibited by your own blocks.

Keep Shining Bright and Achieving Greatness as only you can!

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