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Discover how to show up as your authentic self and magnetically attract your ideal clients.
When you're trying to get your business out there to the rest of the world it's imperative that you show up as your fabulous authentic self.You need to show up as the fearless leader ready to show others the way! 
The best way to do that is to have a Personal Brand.
Having a Personal Brand will also open up many other doors and opportunities to expand and pivot that may otherwise not be possible.

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Discover how to attract your ideal client so they resonate with you on a more personal level.

Break through your limiting beliefs and fears!

Hi, I'm Leoni Bolt and I'm a Personal Branding Expert! 


've been lucky enough that by having a personal brand myself first and foremost, I have had the ability for my business to grow with my life. 
Starting as a photographer straight out of uni with a degree in Creative Advertising, I 'fell' into doing weddings and portraits of friends and family and quickly grew into that business. 
After becoming a mum I felt I had lost a lot of my individuality and confidence, both in myself and my ability to grow my business. All of that changed when I decided to shift my focus on empowering women like myself, to feel confident in themselves, and to go out and smash their goals and dreams! I do this both through my photography, owning an all female studio specialising in Boudoir, and by helping and supporting 'Women in Business' and develop their personal brands. 


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