Profit from your Passion

You know you're good at what your do - so why aren't you seeing a steady stream of clients that will pay you what you're worth?

Hi, I'm Leoni

I've worked my way from living in a freight container to owning 3 photography studios, shooting weddings around the world and becoming an international bestselling author.
My superpower is giving women just like you the knowledge and confidence to follow their dreams and shoot for the stars.
As a female entrepreneur, I've learnt the hard way in many ways building my businesses from the ground up.
I've learnt the hard way - so you don't have to!
This Mastermind is a collaboration of everything I've learnt along the way.  Tried and tested to what works right now in 2020!
It's all the stuff I didn't learn in my university degree, and everything needed to run a successful business.
It's also about finding balance in your life so you're not a slave to your business.
I'm pretty sure you didn't start this whole thing so you'd never be able to have a life. 
Am I right? 
I discovered how important it is, after burning out and suffering post-natal depression, to live life to your values and create boundaries for yourself and your business, so you can have a thriving business and a life. 
What I like to call 
'A Lucrative Lifestyle Business'
Now I help my clients to build a business they love - doing what they're passionate about,
 without sacrificing their lifestyle.
It took me over 10 years of trial and error and working multiple jobs before I could confidently take the leap into full time with my business.
I’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars learning from the experts and working out how I could implement it
into my business and I’ve simplified it all for you.
and I help creative and heart-centred female entrepreneurs to 
Profit from their Passion!

Here's some of what you'll learn

Master work/life balance

Automate your Business

Become the CEO of your business!

Build your first Sales Funnel

Repurpose your Content for Multiple Platforms

Create a Foolproof Marketing Plan

Deliver Valuable Content

Become the Face of your Brand

Set up an email nuture sequence

Increase your value (and charge more!)

How to break through in a saturated market

Get laser focused on you ideal client

Create Strategic Alliances

Mindset strategies to break through the unknown

Network like a BOSS!

Create a super-focused daily plan to get you results

Master Social Media

How to sell without selling

Price for Profit

Hiring your first staff member


Become a part of a fabulous tribe of women who are smashing their goals and supporting each other through massive growth! 

Reach your potential
Break through your limiting beliefs
Take your business to the next level
Discover the tools to help you get there
Set your goals and smash them out of the park!
Implement tried and tested strategies

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